Why you should finish your projects ?

Not everyone is aware of it, but Buzz Chronicles started as a “find similar tweets” app. It would search all the tweets in your network and show you tweets with matching keywords. It didn’t hit off that well and didn’t find many active users. Maybe the problem was on my side? I didn’t promote the […]

Good Marketing or a Good Product?

This is the question that many entrepreneurs keep asking themselves. What is more important? The question popped into my head again after reading this article about growing a business from $0 to over $25K MRR in 6 Months. Long story short, the authors share a few growth hacks to market the product without any marketing […]

Romanian position on Dracula

I have visited Romania recently. My time there was a really pleasant surprise because my expectation was quite different from what I encountered. It turns out that Bucharest is a lovely city, Romanians are very chill and I have encountered maybe one stray dog (maybe I was lucky, huh?). The architecture in the centre is […]

Building habits with keeping streaks

Today counts as my 10th day of a coding streak. 10 days ago, I decided I would finish my old project – Buzz Chronicles – a simple app that gives you option to keep your Twitter bookmarks in thematic folders. After this short period of time, I have finished nearly all of my tasks. Now, […]

10 ways to optimize your email open rates

I have recently found a really good thread about email open rate optimisation. I thought, I’d make some notes for me and for future generations. Then, I also added some other ideas from my experience. Enjoy! So you got yourself a subscriber The first part of the optimization process should be about taking care of […]

Peace walking man

So there’s a guy who came walking from Congo all the way to Italy and is still traversing Europe in order to raise awareness about the critical situation in Congo. You probably never even heard of it, but Coltan is a mineral that can be found in nearly every cell phone, laptop, and electronic device […]

How it is to be an artist on a Colombian bus

I was amazed by the culture of little shows in buses, when I was in the north of Colombia, during last year’s summer. Literally speaking, you can get on a public bus, ask the driver to turn down the music (yes, there is always the music playing in a Colombian bus) and bring on a show of […]

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