Today counts as my 10th day of a coding streak.

10 days ago, I decided I would finish my old project – Buzz Chronicles – a simple app that gives you option to keep your Twitter bookmarks in thematic folders.

After this short period of time, I have finished nearly all of my tasks. Now, I am almost ready to officially launch the project on Product Hunt. I have made it because of Maker Log – an app in which one can log tasks and gamify the process. It is done by trying to keep the streak of following days with at least one task done. It amazes me how much fun I had only by showing up every day to keep my streak alive. Plus, creating this project in public, which can produce occasional praise from other makers.

Encouraged by this fun experiment, I’m going to continue my streak on Maker Log (50 days, here I come!). Nevertheless, now I want to expand the “streak strategy” also to other areas of my life.

My next experiment will be to write at least 200 words a day, for the next 10 days. Courtesy to 200 words a day project by Basile Samel. Following his post, I decided to start working on my writing muscle. I especially dig this insight:

The first problem is coming up with interesting stuff to talk about. It takes serious focused observational skills. Inspiration is not innate, it is trained. To become interesting, you need an interesting life: read books, alter your perception of reality, have a meaningful work, develop meaningful relationships… writing daily implies a deep lifestyle shift.

Very encouraging. So let’s see where this experiment will take me. See you in 10 days!

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