Data Science

I was engaged in a PhD Programme in the area of Machine Learning, Social Simulation and Multiagent Systems. You can find some of the papers that I published below:

Ziembiński, B. (2014). Conflicts Resolution in Heterogenous Multiagent Environments Inspired by Social Sciences. In Agent and Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Applications (pp. 3-16). Springer International Publishing. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference Kes-Amsta 2014, Chania, Greece.

Ziembiński, B. (2015). Social mood revealed. In: Proceedings of 2nd Emotion and Sentiment in Social and Expressive Media Workshop (pp. 35–50). Workshop affiliated with International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems 2015, Istanbul, Turkey.

Ziembiński, B., Dunin-Keplicz B. (2015). Strategies for resolving conflicts in multiagent environments. In Selected Problems in Information Technologies (pp. 173-197). Proceedings of the 2nd Conference ITRIA 2015, Pułtusk, Poland.

Additionally to my PhD Programme, I was working as a data scientist for a few years: both as a full-time job and as a freelancer. You can find some of my little projects here. Unfortunately, I can’t share publicly most of my work at the moment 🙂

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