Digital Analytics

I help businesses to make sense of their data by:
– Indicating which data to track – implementing correct data pipelines.
Analysing the data – delivering the right conclusions and insights.
Automating the process of taking the action based on gathered insights – using Machine Learning and AI to use all datapoints to make the best decisions.

Collect data

Set up metrics, measure goals and events with Google Tag Manager:

– Track conversions.
– Track clicks on your page – which buttons, links or objects were clicked?
– Track scroll depths – how deep are your users scrolling your page?
– Track interactions with forms.
– Track Life Time Value of your users – set up events values or Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.
– Connect user’s events into one user journey.


– Segment your users – see which segment performs best and where you should focus your attention to get better results.
– A/B test your design decisions – choose only the best performers.
– Analyse your user acquisition channels – which traffic sources perform best in terms of your business goals?
– Know what works on your page and what doesn’t – in terms of goal completion, conversions, average time spend on your site, bounce rate, pages per session and so on.

Take action

Utilize Machine and Deep Learning models to:
 – Score events on your page – which events are the most important for your conversions and goals?
 – Model attribution – which of your traffic acquisition channels are most profitable for your business? Create statistical models to understand whole user journey, not only conversions attributed to last clicked acquisition channel.
– Score your users – know which users are most valuable to your business. Which users you should retarget with your ads, because they are very likely to convert? Know where your ad spend should go.
– Segment your users – know how to communicate best with each of your users: some of them will be more happy to receive an email, some of them prefer to be shown an ad on Facebook. Which of them is in which segment?

If you’re interested in implementing some of those solutions into your business, contact me below ?

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