This is the question that many entrepreneurs keep asking themselves. What is more important?

The question popped into my head again after reading this article about growing a business from $0 to over $25K MRR in 6 Months. Long story short, the authors share a few growth hacks to market the product without any marketing budget:

  • If you’re building a product for people in your network, give access to it for free in exchange for sharing the information about it. They used a very simple message:
Facebook Post Hack
  • Try to use influencers in your niche. If you can get access to one, she can give you a huge traffic spike. The authors’ method was to impress the influencer with their case study, not directly connected to the product, but the influencer mentioned their product anyway.
  • Utilize Reddit. The authors posted a note on a relevant sub (/r/Entrepreneur/). The post was a very inspiring story without any links or mentions of the product. Just a general genuinely inspiring post. It is very important not to try to sell to Reddit audience, especially in the marketing niche, as they are very BS averse. Then, after around 200 upvotes, they edited the story adding the link to their product. The post ended up with 1100 upvotes, 196 comments and a top post of the month.
/r/Entrepreneur/ thread

The blog post, which they wrote, is obviously about growth hacks and how to market your product without sufficient funds. However, all these methods wouldn’t work without an actual good and needed product. Let’s see:

  • Nobody will share your product, to get access, if they don’t see the value in it. If they won’t use it anyway.
  • No influencer will write about your case study if it’s not impressive. She won’t mention your product by accident if she won’t be excited about it.
  • A smart audience will not convert to users of your product if you just sneak the link between the lines. If your product will be of no value, they might even recognize what you did there and report your Reddit post to get it down.

Thus, it’s interesting how the authors obviously impress with their unusual marketing tactics, but in the end, it was all about their good job with the product.

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