So there’s a guy who came walking from Congo all the way to Italy and is still traversing Europe in order to raise awareness about the critical situation in Congo.

You probably never even heard of it, but Coltan is a mineral that can be found in nearly every cell phone, laptop, and electronic device around the world. At the same time, around 70% of the global supply of Coltan is provided by Congo. The country has been affected by the phenomenon referred to as a resource curse. It is rich in resources, but at the same time, there are groups with conflicting interests not letting the country to have a balanced and sustained development. It is crucial for some “businessmen” to keep Congo unstable. When there is a war, it is easier to mine cheaper, often with the help of child labour. It is easier not to obey the law, pay taxes and so on. It is easier to kill people when they constitute a problem, to rape women in flames of the war. Millions of Congolese died in the conflict.

There is a great document by Vice on the topic:

So, John Mpaliza, known as Peace Walking Man is currently doing big distances around Europe on his feet in order to raise awareness about the situation. He, actually, walked out of Congo around 25 years ago and came to Europe. He studied there, worked, but at some moment decided that he must take action. For the past 5 years, he is continuing his journey, seeing what he can do. This Friday he was in Warsaw, so I decided that maybe this post is not much, but it is possible that at least some people will become acknowledged with the case.

If you want to know more about John Mpaliza, reach out to him or maybe help, here is his Facebook Fanpage.

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