I get why some people might be disappointed with the new Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”. The critique I got acquainted with was that some scenes are too slow and thus boring. Some are not necessary at all.

Once again – I get that, but with Tarantino, it’s always all about the conventions that he is playing with. Here, he obviously is coming back to Westerns, but also to the classic movies from the 60s and the 70s. And man, they were slow. If you put on “Easy Rider” or “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, you notice straight away how different the pace of these movies is from nowadays’ pictures. Modern viewer is just not prepared for this kind of movies. Hence the critique, I suppose. And even I was bored from time to time during the movie.

But then again, you get those slow scenes with gorgeous old cars. You get 10 quick cuts with neon lights being turned on. You get Easy Riderous Brad Pitt just driving around town and looking for trouble. All these references to the past are worth this little bit slower pace of the movie. Just to remind yourself how it was some time ago. Once upon a time…

And you get the finale. Tarantino’s.

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