Not everyone is aware of it, but Buzz Chronicles started as a “find similar tweets” app. It would search all the tweets in your network and show you tweets with matching keywords. It didn’t hit off that well and didn’t find many active users. Maybe the problem was on my side? I didn’t promote the app that well. Or maybe users didn’t exactly understand how it worked? Or maybe the idea was just bad?

We will never know because then I decided to pivot the app into “thread unrolling” app. Similar to existing Thread Reader App or Threader. Then it was much more useful to users and actually, I even build some momentum and gain some Twitter followers for the app.

However, as I wrote, two pretty good apps, that did the same thing, already existed. It was a few months into this pivot when I noticed an existing problem with the Twitter platform. Namely:

It was then when I decided to make another pivot to stand out more among the competition. A few days later, I started to work on new functionality. I changed the name of the app to Buzz Chronicles, as it better captures what it does – provides a kind of chronicles for your saved tweets sorted into thematic folders.

It was not the end of the story, however. Soon after I started to work on the new version of the app, I began to feel quite burned out because of all these pivots and also because of some issues in my personal life. It didn’t take long until I stopped working on the project altogether. I was in the middle of it and couldn’t go any further.

It has been like that with many of my projects in the past. I usually get very excited about the idea, work on it for some time, but when things start to pile up, I often quit. It is bad because oftentimes I don’t get to the point where I could actually see what the response of other people was to the idea. And where it could take me. It’s sort of a metaphor for an untold story. Leaves you without:

  • Answers to what could have been.
  • Very important, maybe crucial, insights about what this kind of ideas could have brought into your next projects, life, career etc.

All in all, you lose a lot.

That’s why, about a month ago, I decided to finish Buzz Chronicles and make my first launch on Product Hunt (yes, I haven’t launched any of my previous things there ?).

Even, if it won’t be a huge hit, I will get real feedback from the users about the app (which, I believe, I used to fear a lot). Then, I will also get a great experience of launching the product to a big audience. I’m sure there is a lot of lessons to be learned there. In the end, I will receive the answer to the crucial question: where can it all take me?

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